Inspector Bruce Lenser

grand canyon

I started in the residential building trades in the 60’s.  I’ve had broad based experiences in most aspects of construction, site evaluation, clearing, cutting roads,  installing and maintaining water systems, drainage systems and waste disposal systems. I’ve spent time in building materials supply, cement mixing, foundation forming, pouring, and finishing. I’ve worked with plumbers, electricians, framers, siding contractors, finish contractors, & roofers, and have done all of these things myself.

I’ve designed houses, cabinets, and created re-model plans. I have experience with structural components, county permitting, property design, and sub-dividing land for residential construction. In the 80’s I built structural steel components for high rise buildings, and manufactured steel platforms for the aircraft manufacturing industry. I returned to residential construction in the 90’s. Inspecting is a natural fit for the path I’ve taken, and my love for it will show when you meet me. With my background in building materials, drainage, water systems, land, and hands on application from start to finish of most aspects of home building, my eye is trained to see beyond the cosmetic view of a house. I always look at the property I’m inspecting as ”If I were buying it myself”.